Friday, 21 January 2011

And how we laughed!

How good it was to get back to normal in the workshop with our first craft 'n' chat of 2011. Plenty of crafting went on but there was also a lot of chatting, eating of cake and, boy, did we laugh. In fact, the lady on the right in the photo in red and beige is my mum. She does tend to get overexcited when my dad lets her out!

Workshop bookings are going very well. It seems you really want to get going again with your crafting. We are trying to get samples for classes on display in the shop and on the website three weeks before each class. The drawers below are our next 'wooden it be lovely' class using the oh so lovely Modern Homemaker papers from October afternoon. This would brighten up any craft room!

I am working my way around the shop sorting all the different areas out but I haven't managed to get very far from the front door yet. Things would happen a lot faster if we didn't have to deal with customers too! Joking of course.

Our paper aisles are looking good and new paper ranges are arriving weekly. Well you just have to have the new designs don't you?

I am looking forward to a free Saturday. Well a free Saturday to a woman means catching up with cleaning, washing and ironing but, hey, I will feel good tomorrow night when I have accomplished all that.

Nige and I have been on the diet chef diet for 4 days and we have both lost a few pounds so to celebrate our success we went out to our favourite fish and chip restaurant for tea. Oops! And then weopened a tub of chocolate mingles in the car on the way home (thank you Bri & Mo). Glad we had already dropped off Georgia and Joel at their grandparents or we would have had to share them. Seriously, I have four weeks to lose half a stone. I am in a show then and I have realized that out of the four women in it I am the only one that the men don't have to lift during any dance. Think I would have felt even worse if they had had to get all four to lift me at once!

Been working on samples for coffee morning all day and really enjoyed myself. I miss having the time to craft for myself so this is a good second best. I love having to work on things that don't always appeal to me but are popular with customers. We all have our own styles but it is good to be challenged with product that I wouldn't normally choose. Also I often end up being quite taken with products that didn't previously appeal! Not telling what I have been working with as it will spoil it for coffee morning next week!

Just had to close with a cute photo of our Teddy boy enjoying his Christmas!

Have a great weekend whatever you are doing!

Rosemary x

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  1. Dear Rosemary - loving you having a blog! I can't help feeling you were not in the right place on Friday...won't say too much on here but the whole thing is plain wrong and we missed you greatly.

    However, I love reading about your shop and workshops so please keep writing - maybe you will be able to share some project "how to" with us?

    Take care

  2. Hi Rosemary! Welcome to blogland, it takes over your life!! So glad to have you here. Pami x

  3. Your post did make me laugh when you had been out to celebrate your diet!! Exactly what I would do! Your paper section looks great in the shop. Wish i was closer to come for your workshops. I was so inspired after your October retreat last year. I like the Kaisercraft drawers. I did a set of these myself using My Minds Eye papers. I never would have attempted this if I hadn't been on your retreat! Here is the link
    Hope you have had a good weekend. Pami x

  4. Hello Rosemary, QVC uh oh what were they doing leaving you out of craft day. Most of the day was presented by the two you know who's, and quite frankly I am sick to death of hearing how you know who is the queen of craft and what on earth did we do before she came along, I dread to think!!!!. Anyway if they offer you any more spots I should turn them down, just for the hell of it.
    Hugs, Annette

  5. Hi Rosemary
    Glad to see that you had a good day on Friday even if you were not there to be shared with all of us via QVC!! Have to say loving Debbi's drawers (if you will excuse the pun!!!) and that photo of Teddy is just soooo cute!

    Hope to see you on air again soon