Monday, 24 January 2011

A great find!

Just wanted to share one of my fave tools of the moment. A couple of months back we were shown a corner rounder punch by one of our regular reps and I am sure he thought he was flogging a dead horse trying to show me another brand of punches when the market is saturated with them. But he happened to mention that the corners of the punch slide out to make it a border punch. Oh how my eyes lit up! I love corner rounders but I love scallop borders even more, and at an RRP of £4.99 I knew we were onto a winner. So here it is firstly as a corner rounder

....then as a scallop border

.....and then bringing my cropadile into play, as a scallop lace border.

I know it doesn't take much to thrill me but what a find! No card or scrapbook page will be safe now.

Happy crafting!

Rosemary x

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  1. I wish they would make all corner punches with removeable guides, it makes them so versatile. I have just done a sample card for a craft company that uses a corner punch to make a beautiful border strip. If these punches are a reasonable price it gives you double the reason to have them in your stash.

  2. I must haveone!!!
    Have you any in stock?:)
    Roll on

  3. Sure have sheilagh. Will put you one way. See you at coffee morning.

  4. Can't get the guides off mine! Personal tutorial required at coffee morning. See you there!

  5. Hi Jane I was struggling at first. Don't force them but just down on the lines marked and push off. Will show you anyway.