Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Off to CHA - Not!

I can't really believe I am not heading out to California this week for the big event of the craft retailers year. And do you know why I am not going? Because the kids want me to be part of a ten minute routine in their MJ tribute dance group at a charity event. They haven't even said they want me in it because I am good. But they did say I was reliable which was quite nice of them, I suppose!! They do make me wear a mask though - methinks that is to disguise the fact that I am twice as old as the other dancers! Anyway I did a bit of footstamping and pouting insisting that I just have to go to the summer show in Chicago instead and Nige patted my hand and said that was fine. Still feel I am missing out though.

No that is not me in my disguise but Joel!

Coffee morning tomorrow and Saturday. I only went into the shop today to set up for it and get out new products to show and look what came in. New Echo Park papers - yum! Too late to work up some samples for tomorrow but did manage to have a good stroke of them.

Ah well, better go and get some rest. Big day tomorrow with coffee morning and the charity show in the evening. You see I had even forgotten I wasn't going to CHA (almost)!

May the force be with you!

Rosemary x

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  1. :-) I am sure you will have a great time even though you aren't at CHA!! Pami x

  2. Yes I know I will. Anyway who wants to sit on a plane all that time! X

  3. Todays Coffee Morning was great, lot's of must haves gone on my wish list. You were a trouper Roasemary, thank you xx

  4. Thank you sheilagh. It was lovely to have you there. Sign language for the rest of the day! Xx

  5. Hi Rosemary, I agree with Sheilagh - you did an excellent job at the Coffee Morning. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    I have forwarded the e-mail reply I have received from QVC - makes interesting reading. xx

  6. I enjoyed coffee morning. Voice back a little this morning but think it will be quiet here for couple more days.
    We have complained to customer services about the responses they are sending out. Xx