Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Out with the cold, in with the new!

Well maybe not a drastic change yet but I have been able to turn the heat down in the house and that's saying something for me. Please Spring come quickly as I am really not a fan of January.

We had a great Panto week. Eight performances and still working in the day really is wearing though so it is good to have at least a couple of nights at home this week. I promised to post some photo's and this one really does show how fantastic glue dots really are! I broke the backs off a pair of OTT earrings and used glue dots to stick them to a pair of chopsticks. Thought the stage lights might cause some problems but the same glue dots lasted the week with no repairs whatsoever!

Not actually being on stage until page 30 meant I had plenty of chilling time in the dressing room so I thought I would make some shop samples with new Kanban products. Having to explain what I was doing to every new person that came into the dressing room did get a little tedious so I gave up in the end and worked my way through a tin of quality street! Boy they were good.

Our sale ends today and thankfully there isn't too much to clear away. I am now eager to get back to holding workshops and crops. It will be good to see all my craft 'n' chat buddies on Thursday, and even better as we can now take 16! Bring on the crafting! (the chat and cake aren't too bad either).

I am prepping for coffee morning at the moment. I know our trade shows are still three or four weeks away but there are always new products arriving to show and demo with. Loving the Modern Homemaker papers and embellishments from October Afternoon. Debi and I are fighting over who can use them in classes! Sewing and cooking themes seem to be even bigger in paper, stamps etc, and all with a retro feel. Love it!

Keep warm and keep crafting!

Rosemary x

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  1. Will you be at Scrappy Happy this weekend Rosemary?
    Trisha and I are really looking forward to it.

  2. So disappointed that you are not on QVC craft day today! It looks like you've been too busy to fit it in to your busy schedule!!!

    I hope you'll be on soon but I noticed that there are now NO dates on here!

    (Sorry, I live too far from your shop to visit, and you are the best craft person on QVC!!!)

  3. Hi Sheilagh Unfortunately I wont be at the shop at the weekend although Nige is working Sunday. This is my first free Saturday for ages with having Panto so I am staying home although will be working on Coffee Morning stuff! Hope you have a great time - we had a craft'n'chat on Thursday with 16 and had a blast.

  4. Hi Debo Thank you for your kind comments.QVC decided a couple of weeks ago that they didnt need me today and I have no forward dates at the moment. I will keep you posted though.Pity you live too far away to come visit us.

  5. Thanks Rosemary!

    QVC must be mad!!! They have a lot of VERY disgruntled customers!
    I was never interested in scrapbooking until I saw you on QVC!(i've made cards for a long time)

    I don't know if you managed to watch any of it but Craft Day was extremely monotonous this time, just like lots of consecutive Tuesday shows (except for the lovely Marion Emberson and the Imaginations lady) with Dawn (and Amy to a lesser extent) complaining all day how tired she was, how hard they'd worked and how she'd really like to be somewhere hot! So quite why they cancelled your shows i DO NOT KNOW!!!

    (I realise that you can't comment on this!!!

  6. I agree with you Debo! Pami x

  7. I also agree with you both, and said as much to /nige so I emailed QVC to complain, and got a very strange reply about schedules having to be changed at the last minute - all bunkum if you ask me, Girls go on to Dawns Craft QVC site then you will find a spot where you can email QVC a question, say you miss Rosemary, I'm not a trouble maker. I just missed Rosemary. sorry peeps if I've offended any one. hugs Barbara in bedland xx