Sunday, 30 January 2011

That was the week that was!

This week - two coffee mornings at the shop, 3 show rehearsals, a charity show and laryngitis! I couldn't be accused of sitting back on my laurels. In fact, my mum forbade me from going to a rehearsal Friday night, threatening to phone and check I hadn't gone out. I haven't even lived at home for 25 years!!

The show on Thursday night was in aid of Claire House childrens hospice and we had a great night. It was an honour to be part of something that was for such a worthwhile cause. Joel mingled in costume after the show and he loved chatting with people. This dear man said he had never really appreciated Michael Jacksons music but that he was going to go home and start listening to it. Life is really about people isn't it!

Glue dots once again played a very large part! My mother-in-law made all the costumes for our MJ tribute set (even though she swears she is not a sewer!). I wish I was as poor a sewer as her. Glue dots were used to stick the large gems on this costume. The built up shoulders were made from empty acrylic Christmas card boxes and velcroed to the shoulders. My dad made the plinth which was sprayed with granite stone spray.

Thriller was my favourite part of our 15 minute set. Being masked meant I was totally anonymous and could enjoy myself!

Coffee morning was good fun. I love having a combined social and craft inspired morning. There are always so many new products to show and demo. My favourite demo was the hougie board. I love folding and to have a board that I can use for clever folded cards, mini books, any size box or envelope and particularly to be able to switch between cms and inches just by turning the board over is exciting.

My other fave thing this month is the range of layout sketches books from scrapbook generations. To the non scrap booker these probably look like the most boring books ever but they are so inspiring to me. Alison agrees with me as she ordered the whole six of them too!

Anyway off to rest up in readiness for a looooong rehearsal later today. The kids are laughing at me because they say I sound like the very thin tube-like muppet who can only squeak! Think they are all enjoying the peace. I'll make up for it.

Oh, just want to introduce you to the newest member of our family. Didn't even know we were getting him. Joel sprang him on us. Sure he knew what we would say if he actually asked before getting him. Just thought it odd when he added romaine lettuce, cucumber, grapes and strawberries to the shopping list - he runs a mile from veg and he wouldn't know a romaine lettuce if it hit him in the face! Anyway his name is Huey and he is quite cute. I am working up to having a hold of him. Nige says it is like holding a wafer.

Yours silently

Rosemary x

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  1. Hope your voice comes back soon.
    Huey looks a
    The Hougie board is on my wish list.

  2. Hi Rosemary, Hope your singing again soon. Is it a beardie, i have one too called Marley Tammy x

  3. Hi Rosemary great to see you blogging....loved your thriller tribute you are so talented not only at scrapbooking obviously. My snuggly bundle of golden deliciousness has fallen in love with Boo...pop over and say hello
    Hugs Kath xxx

  4. Hi Tammy, Huey is really cute and very alert. Joel is quite besotted with him. Would be interested to know how old Marley is and how big he has grown. Am worried Huey might grow to the size of a small dog! X

  5. Hi Kath, thanks for the message. I am really enjoying blogging. By the way love your blog and particularly Buddy - what a beautiful dog. How much pleasure do they give? X