Saturday, 12 February 2011

The show must go on!

The past week has been a blur of rehearsals and class prep for my very imminent Thru' the Year scrapbooking class. I am only just feeling better from my laryngitis that turned into a stinker of a cold. Still got no sense of taste or smell which is sometimes useful but mostly really annoying. It means I can eat things I don't normally really like so that they don't go to waste but it also means I have no idea whether or not I should wear that sweater for another day or not!

Wanted to share some photo's of my craft room but, as you will see when I upload some photos in the next few days, it is rather full of other things at the moment. Next week Georgia, Joel and I are in a compilation show called Hollywood Stories at the Forum studio theatre in Chester city centre. It comprises between thirty and forty well known movie songs. It is all singing, all dancing with a cast of only eight and boy is it hectic. The fourteen costume changes alone are a challenge without having to perform as well! Really excited about it but as this is the third show we have performed in THIS year I think we are looking forward to a break. Nige will be glad I can focus on work again!

I am excited about the scrapbook class for my own selfish reasons. Last January I decided to create a double page layout for every month of 2010 so that by the end of the year i would have a record of the events - ordinary and special - with relatively little effort. I am ashamed to say I didn't even finish January! So I reckoned if I taught it as a quarterly class completing three months at a time it would make sure I got it finished. And it would seem there are lot of others excited by this idea judging by the bookings. So bring it on.

Have to dash now as teaching an Introduction to Scrapbooking class this morning before the Thru' the Year this afternoon. It's exciting to introduce new people to the immensely enjoyable craft of scrapbooking!

Love Rosemary x

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  1. I wondered where you were?
    Hope you are feeling better now:)
    I want to know where you get all your energy, even when you are not 100% you don't stop!!



  2. Good to hear you're on the mend. Good luck with the new show and look forward to seeing the craft room photos, I'm a tad nosey.
    Luv Hev xx
    PS Wish I lived closer so I could join some of your classes - maybe one day I get over your way. x

  3. Another excellent class today. Thank you Rosemary. Hope you will feel better soon and good luck with the shows this week. xx

  4. Glad you are on the mend. Sounds like you could do with a trip to Florida to me LOL!!