Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Trade talk!

Debi and I had a very pleasant and productive day at the nec yesterday - in fact so productive that I don't have to drag Nige back there today and we can take a day off with Georgia.

I have come to the conclusion that Nige spends too much time small talking and so it takes twice as long to get any real business done. Don't get me wrong - it was great catching up with friends from the trade but having Debi armed with a notebook and pencil making notes of any stand we wanted to revisit or any products we definitely had to order at the show worked a treat.

Stamps were very evident, particularly collage or Tim Holtz style ones, and also cute character ones. The ones that particularly caught our eye were from Paperartsy and a good number of them had matching dies. Also Dyan from Art From the Heart has released a number of stamp sets that we loved. It was good to see Dyan - we go back some years when we immediately hit it off at a retailer training day in Yorkshire. She doesnt know it but she is responsible for my Croc fetish having first seen her wearing them at the trade show in California!

Die cutting and machines to do such, was also very well represented. Of course we had to order the new electronic Vagabond machine. The benefit of this is that it will cut materials as thick as grunge board. It is also very cute! As usual Tim Holtz was very popular and there were lots more materials to create his particular look. I was particularly interested to see that coredination have released 36 new cardstock colours to match the distress ink pads - yummy!

We bumped into Leonie and she is such a happy bunny! She is loving her work with Create and Craft. It was good to catch up with Clare Curd too but as she is such a big Michael Jackson fan and fellow thespian we always move swiftly on from craft.

It was good to speak with Lindsay Mason. She is always such an inspiration. She will be at Crab Apple in the coming months for a demo.

We spent a lot of time with Sue from Imagination crafts. She completely bamboozled us with her enthusiasm for her products and we can't wait for these to arrive. Debi will be incorporating some of these into forthcoming workshops. You might have seen her great shows and samples on QVC. She is eager to come demo for us. Can't wait!

We also loved Molly Bloom stamps as well as the new Wild Rose Studio stamps and coordinating papers. It goes without saying that we found lots of new papers, punches, etc etc but you will just have to watch this space over the next few months as new products arrive and I try to stagger my spending so as not to give Nige a heart attack!

Off to wade through a few more catalogues! Yes Nige we do need to order all these for the shop!

Rosemary x

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  1. HI Rosemary - it is very evident today that QVC has not given you any hours in the Stateside crafting day - even though you were always given American Crafts items to demo. Their loss - ours too.

    So it is really good to read this post - so upbeat and enthusiastic for your shop. I'd love to come up and see you - maybe one day we'll be in the area.

    Meanwhile, a certain TC/DB shop is closing - so please can you and Nigel consider online trading? Even if you 'only' did so through PayPal if that is easiest to set up...or whatever method, please do it! I'd love to buy from you.
    Take care, and God bless

    PS C&C could do with an EXCELLENT scrapbooking demo person...

  2. Well said, I can't believe Rosemary is not on today with American Crafts. Leonie seems really happy at Create and Craft and I do agree they could do with someone who is fantastic at scrapbooking and making mini albums etc. Go on Rosemary you know you want to.
    Petrina x

  3. Sounds like you have come bacl with lots of new ideas. I love the look of the Vagabond:)

    As for QVC, there wasn't much on about scrapbooking today, but have you got any new dates for QVC?



  4. By the way, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy is great:) One of my favourite songs ever. xx

  5. The vagabond is quite cute and I love that it will cut the likes of grunge board. Yes I was disappointed not to be involved in the stateside crafting day as my crafting inspiration is definitely American but I hope to hear from qvc later today. X

  6. oooh! have you heard from QVC yet? was it good news?

    Otherwise, as a softie southerner, I'd love to be able to shop online from you - another heart attack for Nige perhaps??

  7. Just caught up here Rosemary so really hoping you had good news...