Friday, 18 March 2011

Cut & punch, punch & cut!

Well they have all gone! You lucky ladies booked for our soon to happen Cardcamp should be receiving your info pack by today. Don't tell Nige but I have already realized a couple of extra things I meant to say on there. Thank goodness for email!

Debi and I have been hard at work prepping for the retreat. In fact I feel like I have done nothing but cut and punch all week. We are using 9 big papercrafting brands and 16, yes 16, different paper ranges ( a lot of them so new we are struggling to get them in)!!

We had a paradisical (is there such a word?) weekend, last weekend, at our caravan. We both spent the whole weekend smiling - it was so good to be back! I got loads of reading done, Nige fished and we walked the dogs. We are always sad to leave on the Sunday afternoon but we'll be back there this weekend. Sad to say I will be cutting and punching this time tho'! Ours is the fourth caravan from the left.

Below, ours is the one with the black car to the right of it. When I want to order Sunday's TSV from QVC the hill behind is the one that Nige has to run up to get a signal on his phone. If it goes 'limited' I have to shout at him to run faster!

Because we are away now most weekends the house tends to get neglected and those of you with kids and/or dogs will know it can go downhill in a very short time. So Nige allowed me a half day at home yesterday to clean, wash, iron and bake! Ha ha! I know he thinks I am superwoman but I am not that "super". I was so excited to try out my new silicone cupcake cases that I got free in a new baking mag but as usual I started with the boring chores and didn't even get close to any baking! I did make my signature pasta mozzarella dish though so felt like semi-super woman!

Did say I was posting two of Esthers demo cards last time but only one is there so here is the other.

Now please please will you all stop sympathizing with Nige over a mere filling! It is hardly giving birth is it!! He has driven me mad over the past week and now, because you are all fretting over him he is making out I am the bad guy! Anne even brought him a card yesterday.

Must go get ready for some more cutting and punching today. We also have a mini party at the shop today as two of the ladies attending our Oriental card workshop are celebrating birthdays.

Hope you are enjoying the Spring weather!

Rosemary x

PS Did mention QVC on our website but to reiterate there really isn't much to say. They spoke briefly with me last week to say they haven't any hours for me at the moment!

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  1. Hi Rosemary, I got my envelope yesterday, makes it seem real now, not long to go!! The views from your caravan are amazing, you lucky thing! Have a nice weekend. Pam x
    PS - can't believe QVC.....

  2. I got mine too, can't wait. The spot your caravan is in looks like paradise, great spot to recharge your batteries.

    QVC need their heads testing!!

    Have a great weekend.


  3. I always look on here to see when you are going to be on QVC cos i love your shows. Sheilagh is right they do need their heads testing. Lets hope they come to their senses soon.

  4. It looks like your caravan is a little piece of heaven!

    (QCV are mad - I think you should go to Create and Craft instead!)