Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sunday - a day of rest!

Well I mean that as a woman would understand it - a day to catch up on washing, tidying and cooking a roast dinner but oh how good those things are when life gets a little out of hand! This past week has been a mix of good, bad and bizarre - all part of the rich tapestry of life!

The good has been very good catching up with customer friends at our full to bursting craft n chat on Thursday, and then teaching the frame class pictured below on Friday. Spent a long day in London on Saturday with Nige, Joel and Georgia primarily to see Love Never Dies (for the third time!) but we also managed to have a lovely meal with friends from Wirral who were also there to see the show.

The bad (particularly for Nige) was the day the drains blocked/collapsed and Nige had to play helper to the guy that came out to fix it. The idea was that Nige watch and alert the expert when anything started to happen down the drain. If you are ahead of me here you will probably have visions of mount Etna, and Nige too close for comfort! I am actually convinced that this is the only way the guy can get his own back for having such a dreadful job! Nige- covered head to toe in unmentionables! Sorry but haven't got photo evidence. I had the more mundane job of serving at the shop.

And the bizarre - my dad who is definitely not yet anything short of a full shilling decided to take 7 days heart tablets in one go as he was so absorbed in Bargain Hunt or some such morning programme and not concentrating on the job in hand! The phone call I got from my mum as I just got to work went something like this - "now don't panic - I am but I don't want you to"!!! What a reassuring opening to any conversation. Dad was whipped off to hospital where he remained all day whilst mum and I spent many anxious hours waiting for these "slow release" tablets to, well, slow release. When I collected him 12 hours later he sat in the back of the car sighing and saying, "what a waste of a precious day"!

I have enjoyed working on samples for our new Stay 'n' Play sessions starting with the new Basic Grey Curio range

and also Basic Grey Marjolaine. Come join me for coffee and card making. Watch this space for dates.

Must dash to type up the April and May workshop schedule. Plenty of new things to enjoy! Below is a taster of our Birds of Paradise stamping class.

Keep on crafting!

Rosemary x

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  1. Wow what a week Rosemary, I hope your dad is fully recovered now. Pami x

  2. Poor Nige....(struggling not to giggle here)
    Hope your dad is fully recovered, also your mum.

    I love the new samples. I think I need to retire so I can do all the classes..


  3. Dad fully recovered - not so sure about nige! X

  4. What a week!

    Ours is going a bit like that, plus daughter on Gap year is following the natural disasters that have befallen Australia (floods and 2 cylones) and New Zealand (earthquakes,miles away from Christchurch but only 1 day away from Wellington yesterday) - or maybe she is causing them! Fiji next - there's a volcano there!!! And that's not to mention the sky-diving, white water rafting, black water rafting, etc etc!!!

    It's going to make an interesting scrapbook!