Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Well what a great weekend that was. Saturday morning started with a bang - literally - the urn packed up and we had to boil kettles for our free coffee and cake morning! But there was definitely a buzz about and it was so good to see those of you who stopped by with a card ( thank you Sheila and Ralph for the champagne and Jill for the birthday cake) and those who came to see Esther working her magic with the Creatables dies! When I see someone else playing it makes me itch to do some crafting myself.

Here are just a few of the cards we received. I will post some more next time. I really don't appreciate the one Judith sent. I mean, what is that all about. Judith had the audacity to hand ME this card and say there wasn't room for my name!

On Sunday Nige and I took the dogs to the seaside and how glad I was that we made the effort. It was a beautiful sunny day and the world and his dog were on the beach building sandcastles and eating icecream. I think this is when I miss our dog Poppy the most - she was the one who really knew how to enjoy the seaside, swimming around in the sea, chasing stones that we threw and barking at the seagulls. But the great thing with dogs is that you get to relive the memory of a day on the beach for at least another three days because they bring half of it home with them! We have our own man made beach in our back room at the moment!

Off to play with the cricut. I am a Slice girl but feel I should get to grips with the 'big one'. Got to stay away from craft knives today. Debi looked on incredulously yesterday as I sliced through the top of my finger changing the blade on a circle cutter (and yes I was doing it correctly keeping it's little plastic cover on). I put a plaster on and then cut through another finger putting the circle cutter back in it's plastic case. Debi said I just needed a paper cut for a hat trick! It was interesting trying to make a turkey crumble for tea last night. Joel said he didn't mind pink crumble as long as the turkey wasn't pink!

Rosemary x

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  1. Thanks for the coffee and cake and for the excellent demonstration - many more ways to use my cuttlebug than I first thought. Lets hope that you will be celebrating many more birthdays in the years to come. |Congratulations on your first 6 years at Crab Apple House

  2. I would have liked to stay a little longer but we had a lot to do that day. It was so good to see the shop so busy so early:)

    Here's to the next six years.

    Love n hugs