Monday, 11 April 2011

Another one bites the dust!

What a fabby weekend! Ha ha my predictive text tried to change that to flabby weekend which could also fit after the amount of food we consumed! We held the first of our residential retreats, this one was for cardmakers. Friday morning was a whirl of activity for Debi and I and both sets of parents as we sorted all the last minute things at the hotel. You know, the essential things like choosing staff meals for the Friday evening!

Pat and George were kept busy packing up the retreat survival kits and my mum and dad were sorting goody boxes and wrestling with chicks and Easter baskets.

Keepsake key rings were handed out at the hotel reception as Cardcampers checked in.

Back at Crab Apple Crafts we served coffee and cake during the afternoon and it was good to chat with so many of you before the heavy stuff got going!

We formally welcomed everyone at the hotel at 6.30 and gave out the official glue of the weekend - in our opinion the best thing since sliced bread!

Our session for the Friday evening was a shorter one as it had been a long day for many who had travelled some distance to get here and we were all pretty stuffed after dinner too! We used Kaisercrafts Bubblegum Hill range to make a folded card with a matching band to keep it closed. It went down a treat and even though we were using our trimmers to score, Nige did a roaring trade in Hougie boards and books when lots of ladies realized how much fun folded cards were and, more importantly, how essential it was to score accurately (no names mentioned).

And so to bed!

Will blog some more tomorrow about Saturday.

Love Rosemary x

ps What happened to the sun today. I have been inside all weekend and the day I get to see the outside world it goes grey! Started some spring cleaning and a fence panel blew out in the garden. Sorted that with Joel and then my whirly wheel rotary dryer with 3 wash loads on it snapped and landed everything onto the grass. Need to go lie down with one of the choccy gifts I received at the weekend!

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  1. Hi Rosemary, I posted a comment on your last post but wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful weekend. You all work so hard and it really makes for a lovely weekend for all of us! Although have you thought about a craft retreat week instead of just a weekend!!! The traffic was much better going home, took just over 4 hours, but it was worth it! Can't wait for the next one. Pam x

  2. There you go Rosemary its not just Sheilagh Anne and I who need a full week. It just goes too quickly and good things should last as long as possible in my mind. I am going to keep wishing and hoping and of course saving just in case you can make it happen.

    I am going to get my Hougie board next time by which time I hope to be able to say it right. Ask Sheilagh what I mean.

    Thanks again to all of you - parents included for making the weekend so fabby and me so flabby.

    It is going to be a struggle to get into my wetsuit on Saturday for my white water rafting- what was I thinking? xxxx

  3. Yes a week sounds wonderful to me, it would be less stessful for Team Merry too. Honest!

    I went into work yesterday with a big smile on my face and it lasted all day, because I was still on Planet Merry. I have great memories of a FABULOUS weekend. They are going to keep me going for a good while.

    Thank you again Rosemary, you and your team really excelled yourselves. Nige was my guardian angel:)

    Huge Hugs


  4. I don't believe you lot! It is never enough is it! You really should not put ideas into our head. Maybe we could have a crafting bootcamp! Xx