Friday, 22 April 2011

Hoppy Easter to you!

Just a quick message to wish you all a very happy and peaceful Easter holidays. Just hope the beautiful weather holds for the next few days at least. And thank you for cards, flowers and rhubarb! Yes you read that right. Two delightful ladies brought me rhubarb yesterday after I dropped a few hints. So at 5am this morning I was preparing some of it for the freezer. You are all so kind.

Here's to a weekend of reading, relaxing and crafting! (Note I didn't put chocolate in there after the migraine from hell I had yesterday.)


Rosemary x

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  1. Happy Easter to you all too, Rosemary xx

  2. Yes, hoppy days to you too, Rosemary. I am glad you are better after a MFH - I remember them so well but am now into the later, more interesting faze of life where such things do not lurk! Or the HRT patch does its job, maybe.

    I hope you feel super-encouraged by the online call for you to be rightfully reinstated on craft TV showing us all the lovely paper-folding and scrapping techniques you do so well.