Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The sun has got his hat on!

Oh how good does the sun make you feel? Even if you don't like basking in it, it just makes everything seem brighter. I hate to say that I have been too busy having fun this past week to have gotten up to much 'craftiness'. But after our busy retreat it was good to pull back and catch up on things that had been sidelined - like friends and housework.

Curtains and light shades have been washed, paintwork wiped down, I have washed clothes, throws and cushion covers for Britain (yes I did get a new whirly wheel for the garden and yes I did have to carry it to the car with a curtain pole for joel's bedroom and a two man tent for Georgia - seriously).

We had a fantastic three days at our caravan in mid Wales at the weekend - even the kids came too. Five of us and two dogs (one 13 stone!) in a static caravan but it was perfect. Special memories. The only thing was I didn't get to nap at all!

Love this one of Nige disciplining Boo. Bear in mind (no pun intended on the word 'bear'!) that Nige is 6' 3".

Then yesterday Georgia and I had a girly day out in Manchester with a friend and her daughter - can't remember the last time I did that and we had a blast. I am normally a nightmare to shop with as I am like a man on a mission. I enter a shop clutching a list, do a quick lap and move onto the next. Yesterday we spent most of the time in the coffee shop for morning coffee and the restaurant for lunch but we still all managed to treat ourselves. It was after 6pm when we arrived home - hope Nige let's me out again!

Bet you can guess which pair were Georgias treat and which were mine.

But don't think I have been sitting back on my laurels. I have done a fair amount of ordering this week after the shop was ravaged by you cardcampers! New stuff is due next week. Also I have been planning workshops for June and, dare I say it, Christmas in July!

At the beginning of this week we opened the photo studio in our workshop. Joel gained a degree in photography and multi media last year and he is enjoying using those skills particularly on the editing side.We are optimistic about this and it sits so well with our belief that making memories is soooooo important! Visit for details.

I feel so much lighter of spirit since making my decision to resign from Qvc after months, if not years, of frustration. I have had a few interesting emails and phone calls so watch this space.

Love and much craftiness to you,


Ps I didn't want to miss the opportunity to thank you for the gifts and cards we received after the retreat. We really do appreciate it, but we didn't expect it! Kath - I can't bring myself to light the candles - they look too cute! Wish I could say I hadn't been able to touch the chocolate either! Ha ha.

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  1. oh it's so good to cut loose and have some quality family time your pics from your weekend away especially the one of Boo showing Nige who's really the boss.
    Shame on QVC...definitely their loss..will be watching this space with anticipation.
    Big Hugs Kath xxx

  2. Glad you had a lovely time Rosemary, the weather looked gorgeous. Pam x

  3. QVC will so regret losing you Rosemary, stupid fools that they are!!
    Good to see you had some chill out time, it looks quite idyllic in your Welsh retreat.

    I have been inspired since CardCamp and have been crafting most days....WooHoo!!! And the Vagabond is FABULOUS...I call it Nige;) Who needs Sir Tim when we have got Lord



  4. Sounds like you had a great time away. The pic's look great, thanks for sharing.

    Hoping you'll be back on our screens soon :o)
    Sandra x

  5. How about Crafty Chicks to replace Loose Women. Now I think that is my best idea this year.

    Sheilagh has to rub it in about the Vagabond doesn't she ha ha. I didn't know I wanted one but now I think I might so am saving up in time for the July retreat .

    Glad you enjoyed Wales. It is beautiful here in Cemaes Bay just now, must stroll down down to the beach later.

    See you soon and thanks for providing my "Sanctuary" xxxx

  6. Thanks for all your comments. Lord Nige - ha ha! Yes, Trish she does keep reminding us about her vagabond! Pam - thanks for your lovely card.