Sunday, 29 May 2011

Another day of rain and another Bank Holiday!

I made it into the inner sanctum and took some photos of georgia's photo wall -and I did get engrossed in all the memories depicted there. It's a reality check really. When she moans about life being boring or having no friends I will tell her to go look at this wall.

We are into masks at the moment at Crab Apple Crafts and you can see the examples from the class we have been running if you hop on over to the website, but just wanted to show you how you can use the same mask for scrap booking and cardmaking. The one we used below was a 12 x 12" mask from Artemio.

Cant believe I taught my last Thru the Year scrapbook class in this block on Friday which means we now have six months of 2011 covered. And June hasn't even begun yet. Oh how smug do I feel having the layouts sitting there waiting for the photographs!

I know that's a backwards way to work for most scrap booking but for an album like this it works. Because of the nature of the scrapbook I was having trouble deciding what sort of album to choose and then I saw this beautiful kraft coloured one from Making Memories that ticked all the boxes.

Another thing that I have been impressed with at the moment is the reemergence of lace (lass-ay). I remember, about ten years back,the painstaking way we had to manually cut with these templates to get the desired effect and now all of a sudden we whizz them through our vagabond or cuttlebug and hey presto. Also we have so much more choice with double sided paper so it feels like a whole new ball game.

It is mad at Chez Merry at the moment. Last weekend Georgia, Joel and I started rehearsals for two shows in August. A three hour dance rehearsal Saturday and a four hour one on Sunday. I could hardly walk on Monday and Tuesday! Why do I do this? Because I was born to dance! Ha ha more like I refuse to grow old gracefully. I feel fifteen again when I put my tap shoes on!

This coming weekend we have had the event of the year (to Georgia anyway). it was her 16th birthday and we have had months of arguing about a party. When did 16 become such an important milestone?The thing is, I know we will have the same arguments when she is approaching 18 and 21! Anyway, long story short - a dear friend hosted it and not only did she invite the grandparents she also invited our dogs (and yes she has met Boo) so that we could stay longer. True friendship or pure madness? It was so much more exciting to Georgia for someone else to be throwing her a party!

This is Teddy under the table all partied out!

Let's all dance as if no one is watching and sing as if no one can hear!

Have a fun Bank Holiday Monday.

Hugs Rosemary x

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  1. Love Georgia's photo wall - must take a tip from that! Glad long awaited party went well - Teddy obviously loved it! Jane