Saturday, 14 May 2011

For Sale - one large black and aqua dog!

The dreaded GCSE exams are just about to start in our house but I am not sure just how much revision is going on. Instead Georgia decided to create a photo wall instead (as a break you see) and it reminded me of the power of photos. I guarantee that if you put up a wall of photos people will pore over them - even relative strangers.

(Space here for picture of Georgia's photo wall but denied access to teenage bedroom for normal hours of every day due to amount of sleep needed at this age!)

We have been attempting to do some maintenance in the house (aided by one very nosy and very much 'in the way at all times' large dog. Attempting to paint the hall is very tricky when it is a space that leads to all places. Nige had to gloss paint the skirting boards again after Boo thought it would be a big help to get involved. Black hairy skirting boards are not really a look that's rocking at the moment.

Georgia and Joel are scorning the new disco ball light shades and have decreed that anyone walking through the wall has to do so a la John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever! Have you seen Nige 'dad dance'!?!?

Craftwise I am sorting out what was my qvc storage and work room at the shop and it's taking me ages as I pore over the hundreds of layouts. Can remember airing my first few kits with only a handful of layouts.

I am excited about new opportunities. I am already finding extra time to plan more workshops to teach in my own store and that is something I am always getting nagged about. Yes, you know who you are! Very inspired about a hougie board class at the moment - fulfils my paper folding cravings! Also other exciting things unfolding so WATCH THIS SPACE!

Anyway I will push on. I have been prepping for my scrapbooking class that runs this morning and then after that I can hopefully get on with making a special mdf birthday book for a friends birthday. That is after I have hung the washing out, brushed the laminate, cleaned around in the kitchen etc etc. No! That is what normally happens. I'm sure most of us do what we should do and then there is no time left to do what we wish to do so I am putting my foot down today!

Happy scrapping!

Rosemary x

Ps we have a Molly Blooms Christmas in July workshop day booking now and already more than half full. Visit the website for details. Exciting!

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  1. As always, Rosemary, the right mix of family news, a little bit of emotional life but lots about your crafting persona - bang on trend, I reckon!

    All the very best, we miss you on our screens xx

  2. Thanks For your kind comments Shirley. Xx

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