Thursday, 2 June 2011

Take that!!

What an exciting week! Had a great meeting yesterday. A long day and I was fast asleep by 8.30 last night but I am cautiously excited. Hopefully it wont be long now before I can spill the beans on my next venture so watch this space.

And guess what else happened this week? I got an invite to go see Take That on Friday. The only concert I have ever been to before was Barney at the MEN (and yes I do mean the big purple dinosaur). So I am also a little apprehensive too. It must be a sure sign of getting older when your biggest anxieties are whether there will be adequate toilet facilities and a place to get a cuppa! So,okay, I am leaving home at eight in the morning and the gates don't open until 5pm! Now I remember why I don't do concerts. I couldn't have put more preparation into what I am wearing and taking to sustain me had I been going on a mission to the moon! Sun lotion - check, umbrella - check, fishing chairs - check( seriously).

I have been front line in the shop today whilst Nige was teaching his fairy fantasy class!

The ladies loved it! If you like the look of these, Nige will be running this class once more in July.

Hope the week is going well for you - at least the sunshine is back!

As we say in our house - "I'm sending you a snugglebunny!"

Rosemary x

ps Our July workshop schedule will be available tomorrow. Lots of 'last chance' classes before we break for our summer sale.

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  1. Oh wow, what fabulous cards...

  2. Thanks for the comment. Niges head is swelling already!

  3. Cant wait to hear you news Rosemary!! And Take That will be FABULOUS! Enjoy! Pam x

  4. Sounds like you have had a great week. You deserve it. Looking forward to hearing your news. Have a great night tomorrow. x

  5. Love the fairy cards!

    Very jealous - would LOVE to see Take That! (I hear the stage show will be AMAZING!! Hope you take photos!)

    Excited already - fingers crossed it all turns out how you wish!!!

  6. By the time you get this you will have seen the concert - just caught up with your blog. I saw them on Monday in Sunderland and it was out of this world - was just like you thinking at nearly 49 I was too old for this malarkey but in the stadium I felt like a teenager again.

    Cant wait to hear your news - just hoping it means we will get to see you and your fantastic ideas and inspiration on tv again soon.

    Jacqui xxx