Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Blinkies, Buttons and Pinterest!!!

O for goodness sake I just worked out how to put blinkies and buttons on my blog and now everyone is talking about Pinterest. I have absolutely no chance of keeping up with everything! I am waking each morning at the moment feeling I am already behind with the day before I get out of bed (and that's at 6am). Having Cubby (who, incidentally was six months old on Christmas Day) is proving quite useful though. I no longer have to open the mail each day as he does it for me. It does take me rather a long time to piece it all back together so I can read it but hopefully I can fine tune his skills as he gets older. Being cute is on his side!

I do apologise to all those non doggy people - I did promise myself I wouldnt keep posting photos of him but couldnt resist this one. I managed to put out for sale two great paper ranges yesterday - we had no room for them with all the Christmas paper so I had to keep them back until now. They are Prima Printery and Simple Stories Year-O-Graphy. (Those who attended my Thru the Year class will recognise the latter range as the one we used for our final 2011 page.) It is perfect if you intend to make either a journal or scrapbook through the coming year as some of the designs have months or calendars on them (nothing that restricts it to 2012 though). Both very 'of the moment' too.

Spent today completely revamping my Intro to Scrapbooking class and am really pleased with it. I really do want those attending to go away inspired and fully equipped to start Scrapbooking! Nige is uploading samples for classes to the website as they are completed,but here is a sneak peek of one of the cards from our Stamping in Inchies class.

Anyway back to the grind. "It may be Winter outside, but in my heart it's Spring." Crafty wishes to you! Rosemary x - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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