Saturday, 28 January 2012

California Here I Come - NOT!

Well I should have been going - hotel picked, flights found, and, most importantly, Disney tickets sorted! But you know, life gets in the way and, after one thing and another, I had to put away my sunglasses for another six months and put another layer on. I guess CHA just wasn't meant to be this winter. My mum and dad both decided to have 'turn of the year' ops and Boo, our gentle giant is struggling with her hip dysphasia. Have to content myself with memories of last time we went.

But I am not down - we have two trade fairs here in February so I am already planning our visits there (and a workshop with the man himself - Timmy not Nigey- but having trouble fitting that in - grrrrr!) I am already getting plenty of emails of new 'stuff' that will be out so watch this space. Speaking of new things these beauties should be here in a few days. They are a limited edition set.

We had a great workshop preview day last Saturday. It was good to see and chat with so many of you - another busy, buzzy day! The star of the day was definitely Parchment Craft. I thought I would gauge the current interest in this beautiful craft and schedule a class in March. That class is fully booked! Another pleasant surprise was the interest in Creative Wax Painting (Encaustic Art) - that class is two thirds full! Your being inspired inspired us.

As regards the burning issue that so many of you ask me about - all I can say is that lines of communication are still open and you will be the first to know if I have any news. Have a great weekend! (Guess where I am)

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  1. Enjoy your coffee! Sorry you can't make it to Cha but looking forward to everything you get in the shop from the other trade fairs.

  2. which days are you going to be at Stitches...Rosemary...would love to meet up and say hello....hugs kath xxx

  3. That coffee looks mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
    Life gets in the way of pleasure sometimes and mums and dads are more precious than crafting stuff, there is always next year;)

    See you soon.



  4. Sheilagh I can assure you it is no pleasure being in sunny California trudging round wondering what new goodies to buy for the shop but as its my job I just get on with it! Ha ha. Thanks Katie - dont worry - there will be plenty of new stuff coming in. Xx

  5. Would love to meet up Kath - not sure when going yet. Maybe Monday. When are you there and are you there Saturday for the PI workshop? Xx

  6. Hi I am there Monday and tickets for Tim's workshop but had already booked flights for Sunday night...bad planning me thinks...hugs kath xxx