Wednesday, 18 January 2012

What's on my work desk Wednesday?

I have noticed that quite a few bloggers do a "what's on my work desk Wednesday" (they must spend all of Tuesday evening tidying it!) and I just had to show you this.

How on earth am I supposed to get anything done! I had to keep lifting his ears to score anything past 7"! Just wanted to remind you about our preview afternoon on Saturday. We are aiming to have samples on show for most of our Jan/Feb classes and you can grill Debi and I on techniques involved, future class ideas etc. . Just pop in if you can - it would be good to catch up. Free refreshments will be available. I am still working on it but we will be previewing our March schedule too.

I did actually get some work done and the above samples are some from the Hougie Board class. Keep warm and keep crafting! Rosemary x - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


  1. lovely projects and no sign of dog hair anywhere - that's a skill in itself, I well know as I have two cocker spaniels :-)

  2. Ha ha Diane, I had my special dog hair filter on!

  3. gorgeous makes rosemary and how cute is your hougie helper...thank goodness buddy doesn't have a thing about scoring boards...being a 5 stone goldie...hugs kath xxx

  4. I agree kath - buddy would be far more of a problem. Would forgive him tho as he's so gorgeous! Wish you were nearer - would love you to come do a class for us. Xxx