Sunday, 19 February 2012

NEC here we come!

This is just a quick post whilst Nige makes the bacon butties to take with us! What a great weekend it has been so far. On Friday I had a bunch of lovely ladies on my Let's do Layouts class and they managed to complete two double page layouts, one shaped page layout and a pocket page AND five of them were brand new scrapbookers!

For those who love the scrapbook generations sketch books these are the very newest just out and in stock.

Yesterday we had a great demo day and Debi did a fantastic job of demoing Indigo Blu products - what we have left isn't worth talking about. I was kept busy making her coffee as she kept getting gilding flakes in it! Will post photos of samples in a couple of days when we return from the trade fair.

We were even sporting our quintessentially English bunting!

Must dash - people to catch up with and new products to buy (yay!)

Have a lovely Sunday. Rosemary x

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  1. Ralph says So Nige is still here, he thought he would be bouncing about with the Kangaroo's by now!!

    I don't know who is worse, him or Nige!!!

    Have a great day



  2. Nige not doing anything?!!! He looks like he's day dreaming about something/somewhere nice and we all know where! :-)

    Happy spending Rosemary- that's maybe what Nige is worrying about :-)