Friday, 2 March 2012

Mad as March hares!

I think that is a fair description of Nige and I this past week as we struggled to get out all the new 'stuff' that arrived daily. I tell you I have done a lot of oohing and aahing, which is a good thing after over twenty years in this business. Hopefully we will have something that will appeal to everyone. Some things are already creating a big stir.

Inbetween 'lugging' boxes about and making room for new products I have been putting together a three card kit as a giveaway for our demo day. More about that on the website.

We are now looking forward to opening up our caravan in Welshpool this weekend. Plenty of fresh air, walks with the dogs and afternoon naps! I have also packed enough new craft product to keep me going until Christmas. Well I need to know what I am selling so that I can recommend it to you! I am sure the kids are planning something though as they keep asking when we are leaving!

Anyway another busy buzzy day ahead! Enjoy your weekend.


Rosemary x

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  1. Enjoy your weekend Rosemary - hopefully you get some relaxation time in in between cleaning the caravan etc :-)

  2. O thanks for reminding me it would need a clean! Might just keep my eyes closed - a bit of dirt never hurt anyone! X

  3. Enjoy...Sounds like the ideal weekend, bit worried about the kids xxx

  4. Hopefully you did keep your eyes shut and when you opened them again the kids and Nige had done it all! I know, I know... it's nice in my dream world :-)

  5. We had a perfect weekend - lots of magazine reading and napping. Apart from ridding the carpet of 'Boo' hair when we left (Nige has this special technique using a Croc) we decided to leave the cleaning for next time! Feel ready for a busy week ahead. X