Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Snake/Maze Book

Hey everyone, I am getting lots of questions about the snake/maze book I made on air on Sunday and I thought I would try to cover all the queries here. I am sorry I haven't sorted out how-to videos yet but my son, Joel, is onto it.

There are other 'maze' books around and, hopefully, in time I will get to show those, but this one is a simple one sheet book that doesn't open like a traditional book but has to be opened up and laid out as a 12" x 12" sheet to view.

The above photo shows the score lines dividing the sheet into four inch squares.

This photo shows the cut lines. Decorate the page as shown below. The ribbon is attached on the underside of the back cover.

When you fold it up start by folding the centre square (which will be your front cover) backwards on itself and continue round folding backwards and forwards.

The ribbon is brought around from the back and ties at the front to secure. This is the way I make this book but there are probably other ways of folding it up.

Hope this helps. Please message me again if you still have questions.

Have fun!

Rosemary x
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  1. Many thanks Rosemary - a great link for the How To bookmarks!

    After calling for your return to TV scrapping glory, I missed the show! I know, don't ask, terribly remiss of me. I'm hoping for a repeat show in the schedule so I can watch it or record it or/AND both!

    All the very best to you - and to Nige, your right-hand side-kick (clever act that, Nige!)

  2. Thanks for this Rosemary, I recorded the show but now I can pin this so I always have it :-)

  3. Help please - am driving myself mad trying to fold this little book! Just not happening for me........

  4. Okay Janice with it flat out in front of you and positioned with cuts as I have shown them fold the middle panel back on itself so that it is under the bottom middle panel. Next fold it over to the left so that it is over the bottom left corner panel and your front cover is now visible. Next fold is under so that u can't see the front cover, then over and you can see it. Continue all the way round the outer square. Any better?

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  6. So great to see you back on our TV's and sharing your many talents with us. I'm a huge scrapbooking fan and was always so frustrated that there just wasn't enough of it on our TV shopping channels - so it was brilliant to see you on C&C on Sunday flying the scrapping flag. Now if you could just get a store and workshops down Cardiff way I'd be a happy girl!

    All the best!

  7. Thank you so much! I was folding one section incorrectly - now I have it ! Much appreciate your help. Best regards x