Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Migraine stops play!

I had so many things to accomplish on my 'to do' list today but when I awoke this morning with a migraine I knew I would have to give in to it. I was pretty sick for much of the morning but am now getting back up to speed and am literally just about to film me making the one-sheet mini book I demoed on Create & Craft this past Sunday. Cameras are in place, materials all ready, all three dogs are gagged and we are just waiting for the right light. So hopefully later this evening I will be able to upload it.

This card is one I didn't get to show and it used a doilie from the kit which not surprisingly sold very well.

I had a great show on Sunday and loved working with Nigel May. What an absolute gentleman he is. Hope I get to work with him again soon. The pace is so lovely in the studios at Create & Craft and the floor staff are so helpful. I had a major panic when I realised I had leant my mascara to Georgia, and after a futile search for anywhere that sold such items at 6.30am on a Sunday morning (Nige was very understanding), I had to plead with the floor staff to hunt some down for me. No sooner said than done! I had visions of going to air with piggy eyes. Mascara is one of my desert island supplies and I would have felt naked without it.

The card below is made using the Tea Party kit that had everything but the kitchen sink in it!

Yesterday was Georgia's 17th birthday so I spent the day trying to look like I wasn't trying to prep for another two hours worth of shows this coming Friday and was totally focused on her 'special day'. We did manage lunch out and a nice evening with friends.

I will say TTFN as I will post again tomorrow with some news I am now able to share with you. Will also give some details of our 'We Love Candi' party that is happening this Saturday.


Rosemary x

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  1. It was a fab show! Looking forward to the tutorial for the mini book - thanks!

  2. It's just been in the One show that Botox us a new cure for migraines. I suffered for 50 years and then they just suddenly stopped. I have no idea why but I am so glad.

  3. Hi Rosemary,
    I am new to scrapbooking and after watching your show the first time round was totaly hooked, I ordered some of the pads and 12x12 papers on the first show which are delightful, I also bought 2 more pads on Sunday, I just want to say a big thank you for your wonderful insperation and your Demos, I look forward to making the lovley Mini Book, I have already chosen some photos of my cat friends to put in the book, once again thank you so much for helping me make wonderful scrapebooks and cards,
    Have a great week God Bless
    Shahab x

  4. Shahab I am thrilled you are excited about Scrapbooking. Thanks for your kind words - you too Katina!

    Wonder if the Botox works. I believe there is medication that bypasses the stomach but I don't know what it is called. I am always so sick that no medication ever has time to work for me.

  5. You have my sympathy about the migraines - it's not just a headache! It's great that you're on C&C, long may it continue. {Hugs}

  6. Rosemary it was fab to watch you on Create & Craft !! Got so many fab ideas from you !! Looking forward to more inspiring shows !! Really hope you feel better soon....

    hugs Diane xx

  7. Rosemary, the show was fab and I made a mini book straight afterwards! Thank you for the inspiration.

    Stress, heat etc lead to migraine, don't they? And being female! Once I hit a 'certain age' they left my life. I hope you feel better now and will enjoy your next shows. Take care and make Nigel wrap you in cotton wool!

  8. Sorry to hear about the migraine Rosemary, glad you had a good day yesterday!
    Loved the shows on Sunday and all set to record Fridays shows as will be at work.
    Looking forward to seeing more lovely examples from you and Debbie!

  9. Missed the show but love your work. Will watch the video with awe as usual. Will make an effort to remember to record Fridays shows.x

  10. I saw you on create and craft tv today and really enjoyed your show! Love your creations on here too! I have been arting and crafting for over ten years now but am new to blogging! It's amazing how much I still learn from other artists and crafters and have been enjoying the many fabulous blogs I'm discovering! I used to scrapbook but haven't done so for awhile but you have inspired me to get my scrapbooks out again! With best wishes to you, Heather x