Saturday, 15 September 2012

'Happily Right Now'

Hi y'all

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday - well a reminder really - not to just focus on the 'happily ever after' but to live 'happily right now'. I have been watching a series of inspirational videos from respected scrapbookers and this was the lesson yesterday. It really struck home and made me think about a negative influence in my life that has been dragging me down and become a 'thorn in my side'. I know a song called "Heart Home" that talks about our heart being a house that has plenty of rooms and having a clear out. So, I have put this 'thorn in my side' in a cupboard in one of the smallest rooms and will only get it out when I need to. Some weeks it might have to be brought out daily but it will go straight back in that box in that cupboard! Okay,so now you know I am crazy but I feel a whole lot better!

Below I have given instructions for one of the cards I demoed on air the other day. Some of you had requested specific measurements so I hope this is clear. Once you have the basic principle you could resize it to suit.

This is the finished card.

The shaded parts are to be cut away completely - the jagged lines show where you need to cut.

Wrap the band around the card when it is folded so you know where to glue it together.

You need to use double-sided tape to make a strong bond.

Decorate as desired. Voila!

Nige and I are recharging our batteries over the weekend ready for another busy week that includes a trip to the lovely little village of Grassington for a retailer event, 3 hours of shows on Create & Craft and our 13th birthday demo day that has five demonstrations running all day (see the website for details).

Have the craftiest of weekends,

Rosemary x

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  1. Did you go to the HobbyCrafts show in Manchester? I'm off there today with my daughter and grandaughter, Olivia is 7 and can't wait to have a go on the take and

    1. No Mandy don't generally attend any of the shows. Have a good time both of you. X

  2. What a wonderful How To for the bookmarks I keep - thank you, Rosemary!

  3. Thank you soooooo much Rosemary, loved this demo you did & didn't get all the measurements down so really appreciate you adding it to your blog...sorry for keep asking you to add your demos...must invest in a recorder so can always watch you back but all money goes on crafty items lol. Thanks again. Can't wait to try this out:-D. Don't worry bout being a tad crazy..I know I am too lol. Take care. Crafty hugs TTFN
    X O X