Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Toilet roll tube book!

I couldnt help thinking, as I typed that title,that my grandchildren (if I ever get any) are going to think I was very sad and very odd! I sometimes think that the presenters at Create & Craft must imagine my house looks like something from a whole series of Blue Peter with the amount of recycling I do in my demos. But hey ho, am I bovvered??

So here goes for those who asked. Why waste something that is so perfect for a mini book? Kitchen roll tubes are even better as they tend to be wider. The best way to prep your empty tubes is to flatten them with a machine such as the cuttlebug or big shot if you have one. I used two larger kitchen roll tubes for my front and back pages and smaller toilet roll tubes for the inner pages. (please ignore the holes in mine - this step is only done once the tubes are covered).

Once flattened, and trimmed if necessary, cover them with a piece of decorative paper wrapped round and secured with double-sided tape. When all parts are covered punch two holes in one end of each page. (Again ignore the holes as I took mine apart to photograph).

I inked all the sides and edges.

Decorate and then join together with book rings and/or ribbon. Make journal cards to fit inside and use a border punch to decorate just one end.

Decorate inner pages and outers and add ribbons. Please note that these tubes are not acid free and so should not be used with photos you want to preserve or pass down.

Voila! You should have a very pretty little book.


Rosemary x

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