Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Still haven't made a single Christmas card but I have had a fun few weeks as things slow down a little. Most of my present buying is done which is good. Last Thursday we held our Christmas coffee morning which I always enjoy - I had to speed demo as I had prepared so much to show. And folks flock from far and wide to take part in Niges annual Christmas quiz - NOT! He always enjoys it anyway.

I demoed three different wreath ideas. This one is soooo simple and uses only 4/5 12 x 12 sheets of paper. I found this idea on the Stampendous website. It is made up of 6" squares of paper rolled into cones and then hot glued to a chipboard circle base. The messy centre is then covered with a paper covered chipboard circle.

I also showed how quickly you could make an impressive bauble with just 12 circles of double sided paper. Any size circle will work.

Fold each circle in half and then stack them together. Take a piece of thin wire or thread - i used scrappers floss - around the centre of the stack and secure at the top leaving a double length to make a hanger. Working on the right hand circle halves first lift the top one and place a glue dot on the bottom half of the second one. Press to stick. Lift the second one and place a glue dot on the top half of the third one. Continue working your way around both sides alternating the placement of the glue dots. When you seal the last you will have a complete ball. Fashion a hanger and tie ribbon, bells, holly etc to sit on the top of the bauble. (This would be an ideal project for a craft group or children's group as it requires few tools or materials.)

I did demo some ideas for cards and my fave items were the distressable frames and diecut flowers pads from Craftwork cards. I love how these flowers can go from flat to fabulous with just a little manipulation.

Friday and Saturday were equally exciting as Joel was the support act for X factors Rhydian on Friday evening and performed a 45 minute set that had me more nervous than I have ever been when on stage myself. I had stomach pains the whole way through it. Rhydian has a great voice but my dad always instilled in me that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all so I will leave it there. (And yes that's Georgia supporting him on stage).

Saturday proved to be just as thrilling as we tried to catch a mouse that has obviously been making itself quite at home in our whole kitchen. We realised we had a visitor when I discovered holes in both ends of the wheat bag my mum had lent me to help ease what I call my 'IPad shoulders'. Those who know me well will know my biggest fear in life is not Nige but mice. Give me spiders, wasps, frogs, etc but not mice. Making a cuppa or loading the dishwasher has become quite tiring as I have to keep up a song and dance routine the whole time just to let him know there is someone around and so he should keep out of sight. To an onlooker getting a duster from under the sink looks like a bomb diffusing exercise. Anyway he has been given his eviction notice and hopefully he has got the message.

My next shows on Create & Craft are this coming Saturday 15th December at noon and 4pm. Got some lovely new products to show.

Off to don my wellies in order to safely enter the kitchen to make my breakfast. Christmas Craft & Chat at the shop today and that can only mean one thing - lots of CAKE!

Keep warm and keep crafting.


Rosemary x

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