Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bring it on!

Happy and healthy new year to you all! Hope you are coming along for the crafty ride again this year.

We saw the new year in in our usual style - a walk with the dogs, an Indian takeaway and some good TV. We couldn't go out as Nige couldn't decide on an outfit.

Okay it's not Nige but you gotta love the Grinch!

Today I am raring to go. Our workshop programme and notice of some changes was published yesterday and it has been lovely to see your enthusiasm to get going again. Thankyou for all your feedback - please keep it coming. What we forgot to mention on the email was that we have downsized our workshop to take only 12 now so that we can bring in some whole new ranges in the next few months. So our crops and craft n chats can accommodate 12 but classes will be mostly limited to eight. Book earlier rather than later if there is something you specifically want to attend. I have been busy as a busy bee looking at new papers and products for classes and for the shop.

I have also been itching to get back in my craft room. It has been used as storage for all the boxes used to house Christmas lights and decorations but enough is enough.
I have managed under dire conditions to use some items from the new Me to You range to make samples for the shop (selection shown above) and thought I would walk you through this simple mini project made using the same range.

You need four identical circles of any size - punched, diecut or a plate drawn round and cut out! Fold each circle in half, open up and fold in half the other way so the folds quarter the circle

Make one scissor cut along one fold and to the centre. Pull one quarter over the other at the cut and glue as shown. Repeat with other circles. Fold flat by pushing up one of the quarters to create another fold.

If you have have used plain card stock instead of double sided you could now add decorative paper to each piece. Below shows the sample using the Me to You papers using four white circles.

When you have decorated with paper fold up the pieces and glue all four back to back to form a stack but not a full open circle.

Add ribbon to fasten your book closed between decorative paper and base card on front and back pieces as shown and decorate as desired.

We have a few circle book kits for sale in the shop that include white circles, super strong tape and templates for cutting your decorative paper. They create a good sized book. You can also use any size squares and create a triangle book in the same way. Have fun!

I am still finalising my new years resolutions but this is how it looks so far!

Hope it is a happy and healthy one for all of you with plenty of crafty time and time with crafty friends.


Rosemary x

Ps this is how I have had to type this blog entry!!

My lap is definitely not big enough for my IPad and Cubby!

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  1. awww mega cute- well done you for typing under such a difficult situation :-)
    The Valentine project looks marvellous with those spaces for photos making it more of a mini album too.

  2. Not letting Grace see this post as she loves Me to You!!

  3. What a lovely project - will have to try that one !!!