Monday, 7 January 2013

Explosion Box!

Inbetween packing, and prepping class samples I thought I would post a walk through the explosion box I demoed a little while back on tv and an alternative way of making it as well. (Ignore the holes in the corner - I also demoed a basket with this piece - lol!) The lid is a little squashed as Nige sat on it - honestly!

Once you know how to do one you can resize it to any size you want but the one I made here required three squares of cardstock/heavy paper at 12" square, 10.5" square and 9" square. The largest is scored at 4" and 8", turned and scored again the same so that you have a grid and the card is divded into 9 equal squares. The second is scored in the same way but at 3.5" and 7", and the third at 3" and 6". Fold and burnish all the scores.

On the largest only, make a diagonal score from each outside corner to the first intersection as shown. Fold these too. On the other two squares cut away the four corners using the score lines as your guide.

Glue the pieces one on top of the other.

The lid is made from a piece that is a smidgeon over 6" square scored on all four sides at 1" from outside edge. Cut as shown in photo and create lid applying glue to the four corner tabs.

Decorate as desired. A 3D centrepiece can be added if desired as the sides will never touch the middle.

Another way of making an explosion box is to make the outer piece exactly the same but on the other two pieces dont take the corners out. Cut as shown and then fold over and stick down to make a tag pocket.

I used my circle punch to punch out a half circle before gluing the pockets down.

This is a winter one I made some time back.

I actually kept all three pieces the same size and it still worked. So playabout with this.

Have a great week!


Rosemary x
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  1. Beautiful! Have made a few of these but not with pockets. Thanks for the inspiration!