Saturday, 16 February 2013

There is no love more sincere than ........

........the love of chocolate! Hope you had a good Valentines Day and a great Pancake Tuesday. Our week has been so rubbish that we decided to postpone both until today and celebrate both this evening. Although I did already rehearse receiving and consuming the gift of chocolate last night - now you can keep your dozen red roses thank you very much! And although the week started off real 'pants' it has actually finished off great after having seen and heard from so many friends past and present in the last few days. Thanks guys!

Mr Nige and I are off on a jolly to the NEC tomorrow morning. Please bear with us if you place any mail orders as we won't be back in the shop until Wednesday. Can't wait to see what is on offer and catch-up with like-minded peeps. I already have a lengthy list of things to buy even before I get there. Think Nige intends to keep you updated from the fair as he did from California via Facebook and Twitter.

I showed a few uses (from the million and one there are) of mod podge at our coffee morning. This glue, sealer, varnish works great with the beautiful napkins we can buy nowadays. Here is a very quick card with a fun napkin someone gave to me.

Rough cut the part of the napkin you wish to use and any other layers too. Separate the layers so that it is only one ply (the top layer).

Use a paint brush to apply a layer of mod podge to copy paper and lay the pieces down over the glue. Use a brayer to smooth if you wish although its not necessary.

Leave to dry and then rip round the edges of the main piece and cut out the layers.

Glue the main piece to a folded card, add the layers with foam pads and embellish with stickles, gems, glossy accents etc if desired. It doesnt show up but I just applied a little Rock Candy stickles with my finger.

Our Birthday demo day is getting closer. Would be lovely to see you if you live close enough as we have plenty going on between 10 and 4 on Saturday March 2nd, and its FREE! We already have Kirsty Wiseman demoing for Stix 2 and Woodware, Create & Crafts Louisa Maclean demoing for Crafters Companion and Sally Ross demoing the new Marianne stamp and die sets. We are still finalising our other two demonstrations but (lowers voice to whisper) IT is on it's way and we will launch IT and demo IT that day. Nige will be taking preorders for this much anticipated tool later this week.

Must dash as need to pack a few things. Hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying the weather - I knew it had to happen sooner or later!


Rosemary x

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  1. I had trouble sealing a painted and inked canvas I did the last couple of days. I'll try mod podge next time, as although I used a glossy medium, it still smudged some of the paints, so I had to stop.
    Thanks for the reminder about it.
    Great card tutorial too - thanks heaps and enjoy Stitches!
    Oh, and here's to more sunshine :-)

  2. thank you for looking after me at the demo day - it was a great day. Thank you for buying lunch and feeding us with coffee and cake.
    And Janet was a complete and utter sweetheart x

  3. Daughter was looking at this and wants to use these napkins for a GCSE art project - do you remember where you got them from?