Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Hope you get lots of choccy treats this weekend. I know it is still really cold but I hope the Sun is shining where you are. It does make such a difference doesn't it. And don't forget the hour this weekend - I know we lose an hour in bed but at least the nights will be lighter longer - yaaaaaay! We joke in our house that it is the one day that I have a lie in - until 7am. Every single day I wake at 6am whether it is a weekend, bank holiday, had a late night the night before. And it's not through choice!

Okay my weekend of craftiness last weekend didn't happen as the hotel was inaccessible due to the snow. Booooo! I now have to wait until November. At least I get to anticipate it all over again.

Think this might be the hotel car park. I have enough trouble remembering where I parked the car in a multi storey so I would have had no chance finding it here!

Today I am teaching a full class of lovely ladies to make a mini book using the very popular Graphic 45 'A Place in Time' range. This is a class I took with G45, designed by Laura Dennison, when in LA in January and I just knew it would be popular. It will be available as a kit through the website too.

Although this has pages and pockets for January through December the book could be made using any range of papers for any sort of album. It would make a lovely gift!
So I am looking forward to a day of crafty fellowship and easter cake!

Just wanted to touch base and wish you a Happy Easter whatever you are doing this weekend.

Have faith - Spring will arrive!


Rosemary x

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  1. That's a small hotel - hehehe !!! The Graphic 45 book looks beautiful - may think about the kit. Hope you all have a lovely Easter and the Easter Bunny is laden with eggs for you all - yum yum xxx

  2. I bet you've all had a ball making the album. I'm off to mow the lawn which isn't great but at least it's sunny and the ground isn't a quagmire anymore. Happy Easter to you all :-)

  3. We have had a great day! Everyone loved their book. And the sun is shining. Happy Easter to you both too xx