Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hello sunshine!

Hope you are all having a splendiferous weekend. I am really cooking on gas. Think the sun really energised me yesterday and I got loads done. Even managed to change my blog background to something fresh and fun. Lost some of my widgets along the way but, hey ho, nothing that cant be sorted given a little time.

We had a lovely Saturday of family, food and generally spending some quality time catching up. The above photo shows the 'Merry' men. It was one of those days that you can't plan for but after it's over you look back and smile at the memory of it. Joel said he thinks we should do it every weekend.

Just wanted to share some quick cards using the new owl peel-offs from Woodware. If you purchase a combination of three you can make endless combinations of owls.

There are five different owl designs on each sheet and all the bits that correspond to that shape owl are alongside it. I used a brown, white or cream, and a gold sparkle peel-off. Black, white, and silver sparkle would also look stunning.

The paper I used was from Echo Park. (Those borders aren't really so wonky, the camera angle distorted them - honest!)

Enjoy your Sunday. Porridge time for me! We have another gathering later today for a Sunday roast so looking forward to that. #theperfectweekend

Wishing you much craftiness

Rosemary x
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  1. Love your "New Look" Rosemary :)

    There is nothing more precious than family time, enjoy your roast dinner. We are re all off out tonight to celebrate my daughters 40th !!



  2. Loving the chairs! :-)
    We're off to do the traditional Sunday activity of garden centre land, after some gardening work yesterday. That never makes sense to me; you do gardening work and then you decide that more work needs doing?!! :-) Hey ho,off we go.
    Thanks for a lovely happy, sunny post.

  3. Loving your new look blog - bright and cheery just like the weather. Love the owl peel offs - do you think you might do a class with these (please !)? Enjoy your weekend xxx

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  5. Glad you like the new look - the old one was 'soooooo yesterday! Ha ha Diane I know exactly what you mean about the garden centre - we all do it.

    Sheilagh - hope you and Ralph are feeling better and that your celebration yesterday was a good one.


    1. We ahd a great night thanks Rosemary :) I am on the last of the antibiotics..Hurray!!!
      Ralph is seeing ENT specialist on Wednesday, hope we get some answers, it is a bit scarey.