Sunday, 12 May 2013

And finally again!

Apologies if you received a notification yesterday that I had posted on my blog - I HAD and it is out there somewhere in cyberspace but I'm blowed if I can find it. Even my draft disappeared. So here we go again! Fingers crossed!

And so to the final three cards I made using the filigree paper pack. This card above was made using leftover scraps. I only glued the very top part of all my vertical strips and then wove the horizontal ones through before gluing any ends.

I diecut a card front for this one and simply lay the lace sheet behind. If you have a three fold aperture card it would be easy to hide the 'doings' by sandwiching the lace paper in between. I just die cut a separate A6 piece and glued it inside

This last technique opens up all sorts of possibilities. Using part of the lace paper as a stencil means you can use all sorts of colouring mediums, such as pan pastels, inks, spray misters etc. I used chalk cats eyes and didn't originally intend to attach the piece I had used as a stencil to my actual card. I did turn the stencil piece so that the colours weren't too matchy matchy.

I have started to record some video tutorials this past week and some of these cards are shown in one of them. I am impatient for editing to be done now and we are hoping to have one uploaded in the next few days.

I am having a family catch-up and coffee shop sort of weekend. Nige has been rather more active! Many of you will have squirmed at the facebook photo of his Mexican party outfit on Friday night. He was actually only chauffeuring the kids to this particular shindig. He didn't actually appear back home until three hours later. I wondered why he was making such an effort with his outfit! And then yesterday he went segwaying (is that a verb??). You face bookers were also treated to that sight. Thank goodness he didn't get home until early evening as he had planned on going to the local circus last night!! Do you think he is having some sort of mid-life thingy? I am sending him into work today so that I know where he is.

Coffee calls!


Rosemary x
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  1. That's not fair; sending Nige into work to scare us poor innocent crafters! ;-)
    You sound like you're having a lovely weekend and Nige is definitely enjoying himself :-)
    My fave of these cards is the last one; I love the colours and the dimensional effect of using the stencil too and having turned it, just makes it wow!

  2. LOL! Nige is definitely having a mid life crisis. My hubby bought a sports car!!!! ;-)

  3. Suppose I should be glad he just wants to dress up as a Mexican and go to the circus (unrelated)! Far cheaper than a sports car. Promise I won't let him dress up in the shop Diane.