Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Secret Garden Mini

I have been itching to use this new Graphic 45 paper for weeks but I needed to make something I could do a little bit of every time I had a few minutes. So I decided to make a special birthday card for a friend that could hold a poem, notes or even some little photos. This fold is something I found in a book years ago but I like it as you can easily resize it to use any paper you want.

The book only needs two main pieces. I cut my main sheet to A4 so that I had some of the paper left to cut images from. The cover, shown on top here, can be cut to fit when you have folded the body of the book.

Lay your paper down so that the long sides are top and bottom and short sides left and right, and fold both sides toward centre leaving approximately a 1cm gap. In other words make a gatefold that doesn't quite meet.

Then fold the outsides in again so that you have something like the photo below. Be sure to use a bone folder and be careful your paper doesn't slip as you make these folds.

Open up the paper and fold in half the other way. Please don't be confused that the photo showing this below doesn't have that second fold in I already had you do. As long as you get all the folds it doesn't really matter what order you do them in.

Fold back to the gatefold position and make two cuts at that centre fold to the first fold only as shown below.

Open up your paper and fold it in half squishing the ends (technical term) together to open it as shown.

Push the folds together and fold like below. That is it for the main body of your mini book.

Create a wraparound cover by adding approx 1cm to the height and a left front that will cover the book and a right that overlaps only half way.

Glue in your folded piece centrally, and the rest is decoration.

I only had 12"x 12" sheets from this range so I chose suitable images to 'fussy cut' and adhere to various parts. Edges could be distressed and images could be highlighted with glitter.

I still have places to add personal wishes or a little photo for the recipient.

From the paper below I cut one of the elements to form a closure.

I glued half of it to the right hand side (when book front is facing you) of the back centre panel. NB it is not glued to the right hand panel at all. On the photo below the shortest panel is tucked under.

I had these gorgeous little pieces from Melissa Frances that I wanted to use.

I brought my closure tab around over my front cover and glued on the lock (ha ha just realised the lock is on upside down - hey ho!) trapping a doubled length of bakers twine, leaving a small loop sticking out to the left.

I wound the twine round the back (shown below)and to the front again feeding one end through the loop and tying in a bow. I glued the key and twine bow to the front as decoration. You could use any closure you wish. I have used a decorated band on others that slips on and off the book.

Hope that made sense and that you enjoyed seeing it.

Hope you are having a glittery week!


Rosemary x

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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Hello sunshine!

Hope you are all having a splendiferous weekend. I am really cooking on gas. Think the sun really energised me yesterday and I got loads done. Even managed to change my blog background to something fresh and fun. Lost some of my widgets along the way but, hey ho, nothing that cant be sorted given a little time.

We had a lovely Saturday of family, food and generally spending some quality time catching up. The above photo shows the 'Merry' men. It was one of those days that you can't plan for but after it's over you look back and smile at the memory of it. Joel said he thinks we should do it every weekend.

Just wanted to share some quick cards using the new owl peel-offs from Woodware. If you purchase a combination of three you can make endless combinations of owls.

There are five different owl designs on each sheet and all the bits that correspond to that shape owl are alongside it. I used a brown, white or cream, and a gold sparkle peel-off. Black, white, and silver sparkle would also look stunning.

The paper I used was from Echo Park. (Those borders aren't really so wonky, the camera angle distorted them - honest!)

Enjoy your Sunday. Porridge time for me! We have another gathering later today for a Sunday roast so looking forward to that. #theperfectweekend

Wishing you much craftiness

Rosemary x
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Door hanger Mini book

I can say with some confidence now -'Happy Spring'. What a difference the sunshine and that extra hour in the evening makes. Hope you all had a lovely Easter - ours was one of my favourites ever and, believe it or not, I had less chocolate than ever before.

I am working steadily at the moment on ideas for future classes and retreat samples and am very conscious there is not much I am sharing with you so, as Nige offered to make tea today, I completed a project I started back in January.

This was a mixed media class designed by Cheryl Mezzetti that I attended in LA, but I was so hassled trying to share materials with 100 other retailers that I shelved it and didn't really expect to pick it up again. I am glad I persevered as I love the finished book. It is made from two door hangers for the front and back covers that I painted with crackle paint and then highlighted with mica powders.

We were given some 6" square sheets of Creative Imaginations paper and a beautiful nature themed cardstock sticker sheet. Twigs tied with Bakers twine were attached to the front with a glue dot. Flowers and a saying were added to the twigs and strips of paper attached to what would be the spine. See the very top photo.

The above photo shows inside the front cover. More stickers and paper were added.

I covered three chipboard pieces with decorative paper and began to decorate the interior pages.

For an extra page I painted one side of a paint it paper and folded back a small piece to create a flap. The flap can be seen on the photo above the paint it paper.

I also used a canvas pocket that was unpicked a little on both sides and trimmed at the front so that a flap could be created. The pocket was given a few swipes of paint and had some paper and stickers added. A small bulldog clip with bakers twine added was used to hold the pocket closed.

The hole in the back cover was covered with a contrasting painted circle and decorated with stickers from the sheet bearing in mind that this could be viewed through the hole in the front cover.

I used a cropadile to punch holes through the door hangers, chipboard pages and canvas pocket. Two book rings were used to secure the pages and ribbons attached. I added a butterfly sticker to the hole on the outside back page.

All that's left to do is add photos. We have blackbirds and magpies building nests in the garden at the moment and are seeing wrens and two, yes two robins frequently, so I may use my album to record this.

And now I feel inspired to tackle some more unfinished projects! Think I can con Nige into making tea more often???

Hope you're having a crafty week.


Rosemary x

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